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Puppy names and how important are they? Well lets face it, to your puppy it means noting more than what you say when you want her attention. You can call her spot, dot or feather.

None of it makes a bit of difference to her. It is all in the tone of voice you use when you use that name that matters to her.

But to your friends or anybody that may ask her name, the puppy name will set an impression of you and of the way you feel about your dog.

You sure don't want to give a bad impression. The name you give your dog will tell a lot about you and what you think of her.

Cute puppy names

Lets look at my dogs for example. One is named “Hannamaye of Alabama” (her AKC registered name) Hannamaye ended up being shorten to Hanna most of the time.

My 14-year-old granddaughter named my little mix breed. She named her Tiffany; the name fit the tiny bundle of fur so perfectly. Naturally, I wouldn't have let her name Tiffany if she had come up with some crazy name like Magnum.

I cannot even imagine Tiffany being called Fido or Spot. Hannamaye would never be a Lexus or a Shadylady. Yes the puppy name says as much about you as it does the puppy.

When my girls arrived here as babies, I took a while to get to know them. Yes they do have human names, so what does this tell you? Yes that is right, I think of my dogs as furbabies or canine kids, if your prefer.That would never have been our tiny petite Tiffany.

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Choosing girl puppy names

Nor would I give my girls a foreign name that I didn’t know what it translated to or meant. One dog was given a name such as Napa, which is Italian for "little Cabbage head".

Why would I call my furbaby Little Cabbage Head? For an Italian Greyhound I would look up Italian words but trust me it would not be Napa or "Little Cabbage Head".

Now if I had a German Shepard I may consider a German name like “Tapfer” which translates to brave. But I sure wouldn’t pick any word out without some research into what it meant before giving it to my puppy.

I would defiantly consider "Beaute" for a Pappion, which means Beauty. Or how about "Minúsculo" for your Chihuahua which translates to Tiny? Of course it would probably get shorten to Minny.

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Unique puppy names

Choosing a puppy name can be tricky. Especially if you just pull a word out of the air. One such name as "Olifant" which means elephant in Dutch. You want to make sure you choose a suitable name for your pet. A name that will reflect well on you and the dog.

This is the name you will be calling out when in public for a long long time. You don't want to be confusing her by changing her name every other month because your neighbor from Holland told you what you were calling your ity bity Yorkie when you came up with Olifant.

So here are a few ideas to think about while choosing names.

1 – Simple: Yes simple is always better. Unless you are giving the dog a name for her AKC papers, you want to keep is sweet and simple.

2 – Short: Short so when you are calling her. Do you really want to go into four and five syllable words? She will come just as easily with "Tinker" and she would with "Tinkerbellofhollywood"

3 - Watch the puppy: The puppy will often show you the name she prefers. You will be surprised at how she responds to certain names. Give it a couple of weeks and you will see how she has her preferences by responding to one name over the other.

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Favorite puppy names

There will be many suggestions from friends and family. Some will be cute and others will be outrageous. Just be sure to check any names you may not know the meaning of before tagging your puppy with it. The puppy doesn't have to be named the day you bring the puppy home. Unlike birth certificates you don't need to fill them out immediately.

Take you time and give your puppy name a great deal of thought. Because she won't always be a puppy, think of her with this name as grown dog. How silly would you look walking a hyper rat Terrier that is 5 years old and calling her "Sleepy Head"?

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